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Welcome to the Kalaburgi’s effective online Grocery Store.

This website is designed for the people of Kalaburgi/Kalburgi/Gulbarga. So that they can avail the benefit of  online shopping of Grocery.

This website started by seeing the need of grocery items at your door steps during the time of need, particularly during the COVID-19 period, which we faced difficulties to buy grocery items from outside with restrictions.
So the Idea of starting this online shoppe is for the same reason that people can order from home and expect the delivery sooner! 
Plus, for elders/Senior Citizens are facing difficulties going out and buying grocery items.
To fulfill the requirements of the Senior Citizens  their Son’s/Daughter’s , who are away from home place, can order the products using HSS website and ensure the delivery of the grocery products.

Team Behind This Website

Two School friends

Software Engineer, with over 18 years of IT experience, who created this website : Shree Girish N Deshmukh.
One of the Kalaburgi’s Business person, with vast experience running in his blood and personal experience,
who own the ground operations to provide the ordered grocery items : Shree ChandraShekar Shabadi.
We met after 20 years and decided to work on this concept.
Already Chandrashekar was supplying the needs to the required customers using WhatsApp, but using WhatsApp was no easy because sorting the needs of the customer and sorting the lists of order requested by customer was not easy.
Above all, the name of the website “Harshita Smart Shoppe” is the tribute to Late. Harshita Chandrashekar, who was a supporting pillar to Chandrashekar’s business operation and her sudden demise has shaken him but he has come up strong and  to keep her memory the website is named after her.

Important Message From WebSite Admin

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